Lior's services and his abilities are accredited and approved by the leaders in Personal Safety. He prides himself in his 3 Core Beliefs system when delivering product to you and the people you care about. All of his programs revolve around his four step method for Personal Safety: Preventing, Evading, Escaping (self-defense),  and Fighting back.

Krav Maga for women

Women’s Personal Safety Workshop

In today’s world it’s essential to know how to behave and handle dangerous situations that we might face in our daily life. We will do a walk through of the most important measures we HAVE to take in different scenarios and get life saving tips for the home, place of worship, school and street.


Krav Maga Expert

Group Security Training / Krav Maga Seminar

Practical Krav Maga seminar with one of the most Israeli’s decorated martial artists in the modern world. After endless secret operations in the Special Commando forces and ministry of defense, Lior brings an advanced & simple approach that will keep you safer and ablel to handle different attacks ranging from weapon defenses to hand-to-hand combat.


Self Defense Boothcamp

Youth Self-Defense Bootcamp

Today more than ever adolescents need the personal touch to increase their sense of confidence. Lior gives them the right tools to help them overcome obstacles and dangerous situations they might face when parents are not with them. In this program Lior leverages the values he gained in the IDF, and will encourage leadership and motivation. Lior helps teens become their best version of themselves and know how to keep themselves safe so we all rest easier.


1 on 1 the best martial artist

Protection, Consulting & Training

Providing customized training programs, exercises and drills for on-site security. State-of-the-art emergency, evacuation and sheltering plans. We train staff & guests to have a comprehensive understanding of all security measures that are taken, and what procedures are in place to ensure the safest possible environment. All designed according to the most recent security threats & vulnerability assessment.