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What will you learn in one of our self-defense and personal safety workshop?

  • A simple and practical set of skills to strategies to exist in the world more safely, should you choose to apply them;

  • A straightforward way to hone your intuition and personal safety that you can apply anywhere;

  • The most important and effective sense of safety aspects that will serve you not just in potentially dangerous encounters, but also in your everyday interactions and relationships;

  • How to use your body and strike with purpose, should you need to physically fight to escape to safety;

  • And a handful of carefully selected self-defense moves designed to work regardless of fitness level or size that are quick to learn, easy to retain and simple to execute.

What will you gain from attending one of our training workshops?

At the least, time in which you feel heard, valued, strong, powerful and in control of your body and your choices.

At most, a transformative experience that will propel you forward in your journey to empower, reclaim and cultivate personal feeling in many different areas of your life.

Don’t you think it’s worth a couple hours of your time?