Learn modern personal safety concepts and self defense techniques from an elite instructor.

Safety is the most important thing in our lives. With Lior Ofir you will learn Personal Safety concepts today that will keep you safer tomorrow. Lior offers modern dynamic instructions that cover four key principles in modern safety Prevention, Evasion, Escaping (self defense), and Fighting back (Krav Maga). He's dedicated to teaching you how to pursue perfection in order to achieve excellence in all programs he offers. Lastly, Lior believes that the most important element of any Personal Safety situation should be to GET HOME SAFE and all of his programs are designed to teach students to achieve just that. 

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Self-Defense Bootcamp for teens and young adults

About Lior

Lior Ofir is a Former Israeli Navy SEAL, a World Champion martial artist with years of experience in the Israeli Ministry of Defense as a Defensive Tactics Specialist in the security field. He has dedicated his life to teaching the different communities Personal Safety Concepts to keep them safe in dangerous situations they might face.

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Core Beliefs

Professional. Friendly. Effective.

These are Lior's core principles and he believes that every seminar, class, and personal instruction session should contain these beliefs. These pillars are based on years of experience in the field of security and designed to create a fun effective environment.

Building Self-Confidence


Self-Defense is only one part of Personal Safety. Learn about the 4 different stages of safety in one of the following:

  • Women's Personal Safety Workshops
  • Group Security Training / Krav Maga Seminar
  • Youth Self Defense Bootcamp
  • 1-on-1 Personal Training

Ask yourself, what does elite mean to you?

Lior believes in pushing himself and his clients in fun and safe environments to achieve an elite level in whatever they chose to pursue. See below for a list of services that he can offer to you and your groups

Women’s day out

Women’s Personal Safety Workshop

Training groups

Group Security Training/Krav Maga Seminar

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Youth Self Defense Bootcamp

Empower Leadership skills

One on One Personal Training